Month: July 2022

Five Types of Marketing Visuals and Why You Need Them in Your Business

These are the hows and whys of business marketing visuals. This topic is going to be a lot fun, so let’s get started!

Small business owners often ask me about business marketing visuals. Then, they ask “What is a business marketing visual?” And then “Why do I need them?” These are two crucial questions that I thought we should answer first. With these answers, you will be able to see the immense value these tools can add to your marketing plan.

Business marketing visuals, in their simplest form are content that is more visual than written. Instead of writing boring statistics or directions, you could substitute a chart or graph to clearly illustrate the same information. This is what EzineArticles has done very well with their cartoon series. Instead of spending 300 words telling authors to use HTML tags within their resource boxes, they created a clever cartoon that is not only more memorable but also gets the point across.

This is why visuals are important in your marketing strategy: They are easy to read, offer a lot of information quickly and are often easily remembered. Website visitors have a short attention span. Visitors will leave your website if they are unable to quickly scan the site and find what they need. If you can show them what they are looking for, they will stay longer, dig deeper and return to your website again and again. Plus, clever graphics such as infographics and cartoons can quickly go viral. Imagine the power of thousands upon thousands of tweets linking directly to your graphics.

Let’s look at different types of visuals and how they can be used in marketing plans.

1. Charts and graphs

These are the most common visuals we use, and for good reason. A simple bar chart or pie chart can communicate detailed statistics information. Trends can be quickly identified with a line chart. Even complicated project timelines can be easily understood if converted to a Gantt diagram.

2. Illustrations and cartoons

A good illustration is the best way to give direction. Language barriers don’t exist. Plus, people are more inclined to look at a series of images than to read detailed instructions.

3. Mindmaps

A mindmap can be a great way to organize a large number of ideas into a single place. The reader can focus on only the points that are relevant to them and expand on other points to get more information. Or, they can rearrange the structure to meet their needs.

4. PowerPoints

PowerPoint presentations are a favorite tool for speakers all over the world. They can be used to provide lots of information quickly in a short time span. They are best used as a companion piece or follow-up to audio and video content.

5. Infographics

These are the granddaddy in business marketing visuals. They are usually large pieces that convey a lot of information. Infographics combine art and statistics to inform the reader while keeping them entertained. These visuals, when well-drawn, can take on a life all their own and generate a lot of incoming links to your website.

It is clear that there is a marketing image that works for every business, no matter how small or large.